A premises liability accident can literally be the worst case scenario for you or your company. Your practice will be sued and forced to pay damages if someone is injured on your property. If the victim did not have a particular condition, like a pre-existing heart condition, then that could very well result in a liability claim based on negligence. The good news is that you do have legal defenses available to protect yourself from liability claims. The following are reasons why you should hire Atlanta premises liability lawyer:

1. It’s very possible you could be sued.

Premises liability accidents are common and many are fatal, especially in nursing homes. It is a serious matter that can potentially snowball into a significant financial liability for you. Your premises liability lawyer will help you navigate through the legal system to make sure that your clients’ rights are protected as well as your own.

2. You may not have the money to pay for damages.

Premises liability claims can be very expensive and a small business owner probably does not have the financial resources to pay for them. Your Atlanta premises liability lawyer will give you access to legal resources that can help prevent you from paying for costly damages out of pocket.

3. You may have a case against the injured person.

Even if someone is injured on your property, he or she may have acted in a negligent manner and thus, should not be compensated for the injuries. Your premises liability lawyer can help you negotiate with the injured person before you file a lawsuit. The lawyer can also help you file a personal injury claim against the injured party if he or she is negligent.

4. The other party may be at fault for the accident.

Your Atlanta premises liability lawyer can help you prove that the injured person was at fault for the accident and was not due any compensation to begin with. This will save you from paying unnecessary damages. When you file a lawsuit, the other party will do his or her best to drain your resources.