A DUI conviction in Marietta can have disastrous consequences. A person who is convicted of a third offense is subject to a hefty fine, up to five thousand dollars, up to one year in jail, and mandatory community service. Additionally, a conviction can cause a person to lose their license, which may prevent them from securing a job in the future. Insurance rates will also skyrocket after a DUI conviction, leaving you with few options and facing a social stigma for years to come.

A skilled Marietta DUI Attorney can investigate the details surrounding the arrest and determine if they can reduce the charges against you. If the officer has reasonable suspicion of your intoxication, he can stop your car and check your sobriety. The officer may have a valid reason for pulling you over, such as a smell of alcohol or an empty container. If you failed the test, a Marietta DUI attorney can help you obtain the dismissal of the charges.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Marietta, you will likely be charged with a misdemeanor. Marietta DUI laws are extremely strict. Even trace amounts of illegal drugs can impair your judgment. If you have a BAC of over.02 percent, you will likely face jail time ranging from 10 days to a year, or more. If you have had a prior DUI, the penalties may be much more severe. If you have a history of DUI, you will need a lawyer to protect your rights.

Hiring an experienced Marietta DUI attorney is an essential step in fighting your charges. After an arrest, the attorney can begin building a defense strategy. This includes collecting and reviewing all relevant evidence. Often, administrative suspensions of your driver’s license are issued before a court hearing can occur. Marietta DUI Attorneys will get all of the evidence needed to fight your charges and ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. A skilled Marietta DUI attorney will protect your rights and minimize the long-term effects of a DUI conviction.

An experienced Marietta DUI attorney will review the written and recorded information collected during the arrest. They will analyze them for any violations of your rights and protocol. The lawyer will know how to proceed from there. If your case can be dismissed or reduced, an experienced Marietta DUI attorney will make sure that your freedom is protected. And if you don’t contest the case, an experienced Marietta DUI attorney will still be able to help you with your DUI.