When a person faces charges or has a case to fight in the court, he or she can either hire a private lawyer or if they cannot afford to have a private lawyer, the government will provide them a representative who is called public defender.  But if you are expecting results from the court, which one can help you better? Here we look at the pros and cons of a public defender compared to a private lawyer.

Public Defender

When you cannot afford to have a private lawyer to fight your case in the court, the government is entitled to appoint their own public defender to assist you. You can even request for appointing a public defender to in case you do not want to spend any money even though you can; there is no hard and fast rule.  Public defenders are experienced in a variety of cases and are usually experienced in criminal matters. Due to their regular seatings in the court, they can have better relationships with the prosecutors, which can be beneficial for your case. If your case is not strong enough to be taken seriously, there are chances that they might let you lose more easily.

Since the demand for public defenders is more compared to the private lawyers, they will have more workload and will not be able to assist yours completely. There will be many like you who will think of a free alternative rather than paying a lot of money to the private lawyers. They are more likely to rush your case as they have plenty on their desk, this can make you settle for a verdict which could have been better if you had the total attention of your lawyer. Another drawback of requesting a public defender is that you do not get to choose one. The government appoints a lawyer for your case, and if you find a nonefficient one for your case, you are more likely to be unlucky in roulette too.

Private lawyer

The only problem that you will face while hiring a private lawyer is the price tag that comes with them. The years of experience and successful cases fought by the private lawyers increases their value, which is fair considering their success. However, if you do proper research before hiring a lawyer, you don’t have to worry about any court process because a private lawyer or a firm will manage everything you will need for appeal to the court.

A private lawyer will provide you all the time that you need. This will help the lawyer to understand your case better, and it will reflect during the proceedings. They will find out the weakness of your opposition and use it against them to achieve the success which a public defender might not even stress to look out for. The private law firms have labs to inspect the evidence, private investigators, and other resources which can generate more evidence and witnesses for your case.

Private lawyers have their own offices and can be approached by anyone. This provides you the freedom to choose from the list of best lawyers in your area. If you have the money that you can spend on private lawyers, they can prove to be better defendants for your case as compared to the public defenders appointed by the government.