Real Estate Attorneys are a type of lawyer specialized in the different aspects of real estate. They are important individuals in the process, making sure that the property is handled flawlessly. A lawyer specializing in real estate matters is a very beneficial option to have on your side. There will be time when you are able to complete more than just one transaction but need help with contracts, wills, and other legal issues surrounding real estate.

How to find for the best Real Estate Attorneys

  1. Talk to previous clients.

Previous clients is never a bad idea to have, even if one of your previous clients was from a few years ago. Ask your previous clients about the services they received from the lawyer they hired and if you can get a referral.

  1. Ask our office associates.

The receptionists always seem to know of several good ones in the area, but sometimes we also recommend checking with another real estate attorney’s office for referrals for you as well (as long as we are aware). Also, this is like having two resources in one!

  1. Check the lawyer’s background.

Check with your State Bar for any complaints and licensing or disciplinary actions taken against the lawyer. Licensing and disciplinary actions can affect a lawyer’s ability to practice law in the future, so this could be a huge red flag.

  1. Contact your insurance company.

Some insurance companies offer a free consultation with certain attorneys that they have partnered with, so use this as a resource. Call up your insurance carrier and ask them who they recommend you check out on their list of affiliated attorneys in their database. Then you can research that attorney, see if they are available to meet with you, and then decide if you want to move forward with hiring them or not.

  1. Ask for references.

To get additional information about the attorney, simply ask for references. Your clients that have already gone through the process with the attorney can give you a referral, and if you are able to get a reference from a former client, your chances of hiring them are greatly increased.

  1. Write a check.

If you are able to have a consultation with the lawyer, write them a check immediately to show that you are serious in working with them. This should be a small nominal amount, and it can help provide motivation for the attorneys to work harder for you.

  1. Follow-up.

Follow up with any and all of your questions that have been asked to your lawyer, and also ask if they have ever worked with a particular client before (if it is relevant). The more specific you can get about how well they worked with previous clients, the better equipped you will be in deciding who to hire for your case.

  1. Search for the best Real Estate Attorneys as Real Estate Brokers in the area.

Use our directory to search for the best attorneys near you. This can give you an idea of how well known and reputable the attorney is in their specific area, as our directory lists only those that have received high ratings from previous clients and other reviewers on our site.